Saturday, June 27, 2020

June Bivi

For some reason I missed all the good weather in June then made Mr Landslide go out on the worst weather night of the weekend to get our June BAM ticked.  What an evil woman I am.

A potter from home with my elected "other household" ride buddy, leaving about 6 and dawdling through rainbows and showers over to a local reservoir selected for sleeping and paddling potential.  I was worried about the proximity to town and beach capacity - given that I'd passed this spot on my road bike earlier in the week and its piles of rubbish (all neatly piled by the bins so, well done Sheffield).

At the reservoir we did a lap, sussing potential spots.  We bumped into some fell-runner mates of mine who knew *exactly* what was afoot .

Up at the carpark end, we met aforementioned teens.  Never have the words "its a bit manky" and "brrr it's effing freezing" been such music to my ears.

Landslide and I retraced our tyre tracks to the end of the res. and found a flat spot amongst the trees and irisis where the river levels had probably been higher in February.  We saw no further sightings of teens.  Brewed up dinner through showers under respective tarps then after we were convinced we'd have no more visitors, got the sleep kit out.

Every time it rained I worried we'd be washed away but eventually my brain got over itself and nodded off.  Up with the birds and porridge and coffee consumed before a pleasant ride over to Lodge Moor to drop off Landslide for childcare duties.  I visited the pole and the Mayfield valley on the way home.