Monday, June 18, 2018

Oh dear me

Today has been the hardest yet. My ankles, knees, thighs, glutes, cushions, head all hurt when I started riding.  Rather than spending time with cafes in the village I ate the emergency breakfast and had coffee using the kettle in the campsite kitchen. Bliss.

The Climbers' Inn was  next on  the route but they only do toasties and it didn't even occur to me to order 2. It was 3pm before I reached a delightful place selling pancakes. I had soup too and hot chocolate. It was a 3 course meal. I am just not sure which.

Shortly after leaving I had to put rain pants and a second coat on to stay warm.   The scenery erroded to nothing by the omnipresent grey.

I cycled through Kenmare, completely aware that I  needed to get more supplies but totally reticent to do so. I placed fate in the hands of the gods.

Despite the earlier food stop, the pain and incessant rain eroded my mood to the point of tears. The robin perched on my handlebars, a swallow dive bombing to catch water boatmen and a pine martin sighting didn't help either.  I was momentarily lifted by the sight of sunshine on the bay which has  improved the weather to a tolerable level.

The legs still aren't working though. I have chucked them at a few short climbs but they stop soon after. I am mostly walking the long steeps.

My mantra for the day is, "the dark days will pass". This belief is the only thing keeping me going.

At 7pm I just fell into a pub. I have had my first Guinness of the race and already, the reminder that I am on holiday (not at my desk) is sinking in.

I wanted to finish my stage 6 of the race today - since I made 25 miles inroads into it last night and it is a short 119mile stage. Sadly I  have only done 54 miles as 1017m of climbing have happened and clearly, yesterday I made too much hay whist the legs were feeling good and the (night) skies were clear.

Instead I will fall into the next available campsite which is not, in theory, that far away.

I will hope for a better day tomorrow that indeed, the bad days will pass.