Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking no nonsense

When my lovely TSK left for work this morning he reminded me not to take any nonsense from the boss. This is just what I want to hear, really it is.

The boss might have put up a stink on Friday but I have to go in there this morning with my head held high and get on with my job and not let up.

It's a win win situation for us.

We either stay here and continue to make more money or we booted out and get to leave this place and honestly, anywhere is better than here, anywhere. Being booted out is a preference, nay, a duty.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Today I saw my original marriage certificate for the last time

I am both a very happy, quite excited and also a very sad. Sad that what should've been the best day of my life was wasted on something I knew to be farcical. A later realisation that the "virginal" excitement of choosing flowers, writing invitations, listening to speeches and wearing a pretty frock built especially for me, was flawed by the inevitability of disaster. I'd do it again with the right person - not as big, not as spectacular but definitely more - and more in the right way.

It's partly my own fault and so it is with regret that I posted away five years of my life this morning, recorded delivery. Not so that I know it has arrived, but so that I know when it has arrived, because I must know these things.

On a different note, this weekend, I am looking forward to the prospect of cutting a 1m x 0.5m hole in the side of my van so that I can install a window where once there was metal. I am nervous about this activity. It's not a small window and it's not a workpiece that I can easily discard and replace with a new one at the first mistake.

So I reassured myself by talking to Chris (of the angle-grinder) who reminded me that it didn't matter how jagged the hole that I cut, so long as I have a large-enough piece of rubber to slap over the hole. He's a good friend to talk to, yet his ideas of me, him and Mr Loftus going into business is all together not-going-to-happen. My days of being the only one to do all the management are over.

I stood outside my flat watching the sun go down and drew a rectangle in blue permanent marker pen on the outside of my car.