Saturday, January 25, 2014

Statistical Splurge

June 2013 - Forestman Month

Swim: 20.72km 3kph.  Compares to last month: 17.45km 3kph.  Compares to 2010: 2.4km, 1.6km/hr
Bike: 350.2 mile, 12.2mph, 2095m el.  Compares to last month: 303.4 mile, 12.2mph, 4425m el.     Compares to 2010: 172mile, 13mph, 3772m el.
Run: 58.18 miles, 4.8 mph, 1391m el.   Compares to last month: 75.77 miles, 5.6 mph, 1623m el.  Compares to 2010: 37mile, 4.6m/hr, 1417m el 

July 2013 - The demise

Swim: None!
Bike: 136.02 mile 9.8mph, 995.4m el.  Compares to last month: 350.2 mile, 12.2mph, 2095m el.
Run: 2.72 miles, 5.1 mph, 32m el.   Compares to last month: 20.72 miles, 4.7 mph, 1623m el. 

August 2013 - The rekindling

Swim: 1km 1:52/100m
Bike: . 202.46 mile 7mph, 2357m el Compares to last month: 136.02 mile 9.8mph, 995.4m el.
Run: 17.12 miles, 5.0 mph, 225m el.   Compares to last month: 2.72 miles, 5.1 mph, 32m el.

September 2013 - The annual panic

Swim: None
Bike: 221.54 mile 8.6 mph, 2545m el. Compares to last month:  202.46 mile 7mph, 2357m el.
Run: 12.68 miles, 5.6 mph, 323m el.   Compares to last month: 17.12 miles, 5.0 mph, 225m el.

October 2013 - Impending Mountain Adventures

Swim: None
Bike: 246.18 mile 9.4 mph, 3153m el. Compares to last month: 221.54 mile 8.6 mph, 2545m el.
Run: 17.66 miles, 5.2 mph, 727m el.   Compares to last month: 12.68 miles, 5.6 mph, 323m el.

November 2013 - Brave New World of Mountain Adventures & still enjoying residual ironman benefits leading me to enter another.

Swim: 6.65km 2:38/100m
Bike: 145.52 mile 8.4 mph, 3198m el. Compares to last month: 246.18 mile 9.4 mph, 3153m el.
Run: 31.92 miles, 5.4 mph, 907m el.   Compares to last month: 17.66 miles, 5.2 mph, 727m el.

December 2013 - Maintaining the base and prepping for CX nationals.

Swim: 8.9km 3:01/100m.  Compares to last month: 6.65km 2:38/100m
Bike: 142.66 mile 10.2 mph, 1869m el. Compares to last month: 145.52 mile 8.4 mph, 3198m el.
Run: 32.58 miles, 5.1 mph, 737m el.   Compares to last month: 31.92 miles, 5.4 mph, 907m el.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

This week's top moments

Realising the best thing about early Ironman training starts and your husband not working is coming home and finding your jammies are still on the sofa.

The reassuring glow of a headtorch in the early morning darkness of winter and the happy glow that the pain and bad weather I endure now will make Celtman pass much easier this summer,  no matter how evil Scottish summers can be.