Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bearbones 2019 Tombraider

I left for BB weekend determined to make a good attack on the route I had planned. When I ride with others I inevitably tend to bail earlier than I would have otherwise. My reaction to this is either calm indifference / patience or a frustration that I have cut my plans short. I am no saint but my saving grace is I am (eventually sympathetic to others having a great time over the opposite).

So in riding alone, I relished the idea of being able to plough on to my own near destruction, if necessary, just to get whatever ride I had planned finished.

The problem was that as soon as TSK said he wasn't coming, I gave up on the great idea of checking the route for someone else and subliminally filed it in the 'done' tray and got on wih 2019.

At 10.30pm in Oswesrty travelodge I reached into my frame bag to get my toothbrush and the second I laid eyes on my fuel bottle my stomach sank, remembering that moment when I put a small quantity of fuel in the bottom of a 15 year old Sigg bottle to check whether the seal was still good (it was). I never topped it up. A further 30 minutes were spent making a plan for where to get fuel as early as possible the next day.

So I got to bed late and in the morning, after breakfast I drove to Shrewsbury Go Outdoors, preceded by a trip into Oswestry in search of an early morning pharmacy in case they stocked ethanol. On the way to Go Outdoors I stumbled by a B&Q, already open at 8.15 and I was on my way but as a consequence I started my ride 1hour later than I  meant to. Its not a race so it didn't matter but that said, I wanted to get my route in.