Friday, March 12, 2010

Marathon Miss

Inspired by Eddie Izzard's Marathon Man on Wednesday, I managed swimming yesterday morning and a 5.8km run today.

It was difficult getting out for the run - don't get me wrong. Despite my best intentions and a gut feeling of wanting to run, I was tired in my upper-body from the swimming, mentally fatigued and knew it would result in me needing to drive to work instead of riding.

However, I finally (after a snooze on the sofa) left the house at 7:30. I let rip on the downhills, not bothering to control my speed but instead, impacting to aoid the other resultant pain of muscle strain. I powered up the up-hills - just cos I felt like it really.

It was, in the end, deserving of the status of a good run.

I can't wait to go out for a ride with TSK tomorrow.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Just about back

I'm never good after ski-ing.  No matter how good I thought I was when I left it always takes me a few weeks to get over it.

I forget this every time and have been sulking at myself for weeks for being unmotivated, unmoved and rubbish.  Let's see, since my trip to Sheffield I have managed a pathetic Sunday bimble to recalibrate the tri-bars position and one pathetic swim where I failed to get out of bed in time and got thrown out after 25 minutes and 42 lengths.  So much for the swim-test I had planned.  To be fair, there was also a sick walk to the Farm and chronic dancing at Keeran's wedding.

Yesterday I was just "done" with being useless and promised myself a trip to the gym - despite the swollen glands and the cough.  The hacking chestie that attacks me every morning.

So today I have achieved and ridden to work too... and gotten to the doctors on time to get anti-bios for the swollen glands.

Again again!