Friday, February 06, 2015

Ski day 6

Desperate to get one adventurous walk in on my holibobs I set myself the challenge to travel from my door to the glacier using as few lifts aa possible. I set out across the fields and walked along the river tracks while Andrew got on the bus.

I caught the Hockburgbahn to the mountain and the tal lift to meet Andrew at the Tux 150. From there we descended to Rastkogel and ate chocolate cake at Heidi's hutte before descending to the Eggalm lift then climbing over and down to Eggalm area.

Andrew took the bus and I was on my own again to start the beautiful hike up the valley past rock bands,  waterfalls,  trees and songbirds.  I have to look up a river bird about the size of a sparrow but black with a white belly.

There were cheesy gnomes and lots of cross country skiers on the tracked runs - which tbh, I found incredibly sanitised and boring.

I was disappointed to find the mountain trail closed due to avalanche risk but enjoyed passing through a farmyard with jovial farmer in tow. After a short foray along the river,  sadly I had to climb the opposite side of the Valley and inevitably had to climb up to the road and an overflow car park for the glacier.  I bypassed it as best I could but soon ended up back on the road with a quarter mile walk between two concrete walls to get into the village.  Eventually I got back on skis on the seemingly flat field into town.

Assuming it to be slightly downhill I removed my skins, only to find it slightly uphill.  Without my long touring poles I found no traction on the path and my foot was aching with the effort of paddling on ice so I took my boot off for a rest while I put my skins back on and persuaded Andrew to meet me at the bottom of the route 1. I couldn't face much more skiing.
We had a delectable lunch in a posh hotel in Hintertux which was worth it for the day. We headed down by bus, getting straight on then off again and on to the train.  An excellent day to close out on.

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