Monday, February 02, 2015

Ski day 1

We were oh so careful we were.  We rented tsk some skis, travelled to our local hill, skied a few blues to get our feet settled and drank some coffee with early lunch at 11:30. We then did the occasional red, heading back towards our way off the hill which we set about taking at 3pm, a little later than we anticipated.

The descent route started so well as a lovely bimble through the trees and we scoffed at the Scotts attempting to cut straight down the tree line then things started to get nasty with a bit of ice then an entire hillside with a scraped section of brown as wide as the piste and taller than us both.  While I tried to side step it Andrew had other ideas which didn't end well and nearly ended up with him in the stream.

At one point we gave up and took our skis off to walk off the side of the route next to a forest and ended up helping while someone was pulled out by the arms, having slid into the trees.  Those with hire skis or no respect for the ones they were wearing skittered across the mud above us. Few made it out the other side upright.

It took us 1.5 hours to get down.
I ate dinner and went to sleep for 13.5 hours.

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