Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ski day 3

That mainly illusive feeling of independent travel one gets from a package ski holiday, yet you book away because you know no matter what your booking, you're going to pay a stack of money so you might as well have a ski monkey to take the pressure off coordination of transport.

Today we travelled to Hintertux. We nearly took the bus but it didn't stop because we expected it to be labelled "Hintertux" not "glacier". So we walked back to the station with minutes to spare.

The steam rose off the swollen river creating an eirie scene like something from a hithcock movie set in Eastern Europe.  There's no barriers at road crossings here.  People are trusted to stop and look.  Clearly this doesn't always work as we cringed at several motorists who queued in traffic with their rear bumper teasing the tolerances of the train we knew was about to appear any moment through the fog.

Once on board,  we were overjoyed that in the fog the train pooped at every crossing. We streamed past motorista. It could only have been better if the steam train had come.

The next bus was the one we wanted.  Luxury coaches to whisk passengers up to the highest mountain area. We drove through Mayrhofen which rang a few bells then on up the hill.  Tempting as it was to ski home, it took 1 hour to drive to Hintertux and we thought we were already there 3 times. I need no further alarm bells.

The temperature outside the bus was -16 °C

Ablutions done,  we rode 2 lifts before any skiing happened.

It was in excellent condition.  Got a bit choppy towards the end of the day but it was being pisted occasionally.

Due to the excess cold and wind chill approaching that I have seen in Canada,  we ate lunch at 11.30 and took tea at 2.45 before doing the last 3 runs and heading home.

We walked straight off the lift onto the bus then a failed train meant it was just another luxury bus ride back to Hippach.

We stopped for a gluwien on the way home and I actually had my limited German understood by someone. Things are improving.

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