Thursday, October 30, 2014

I seem to have accidentally jinxed today.  Wallet left at home,  vanu broken down in work car park and it's not like I can get the tram home cos I have no money. Missing turbo.  The only upside is I had a really productive day at work in between.

That's not going to do anything for my fitness now is it?

Waiting anxiously for TSK.

Seasonal Good Intentions (and nothing to do with Christmas)

I promised myself I was going to keep a training diary when I was recovering from my illness. I stuck to it in paper form for a while but it lapsed again when I dumped a pedal car on my head and I haven't taken it up again since. The next few years are now part of a bigger plan so I will take myself back up on the monotony and occasional eloquent glory and continue this blog as it was always meant to be - a record of the most epic and most mundane of my adventures. I choose (after a lot of setting up) a set of comedy stats from two days ago and a less composed record of yesterday's training events. If nothing more this should offer a more floral record of my exploits for me and more thorough waste of time for any of my friends and family stumbling back to this place whether I share my posts on Facebook or not. Facebook I find is largely written in order to amuse, entertain and wow others where my blog is through and through me so occasionally sweary, occasionally funny and epic and frequently dull. Tuesday's run stats. Near misses:1 Actual falls: 0 -not running fast enough.  Cartoon mice: 1 (made me think of Glynn R). Flamingos: 0. Salmon coloured bath tubs masquerading as flamingoes in the long grass: 1. That'll teach me to go out at dusk. Wednesday:planned swim session of 1 mile. Still building the endurance to do it all in one go. Proud of myself for finishing it since it was a) my first 50m swim b)my first after work swim c)started badly by swimming head first into someone because I set off in the wrong direction. The main cause of my exhaustion? Getting all the way to the bottom of the hill on my bike in the morning before realising I had forgotten my laptop. 35 minutes extra on the bike then.