Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ski day 5

We travelled up to the much anticipated Ahorn area of the mountain. It felt a bit like travelling again with a change of busses and a new lift. It was -11°C in the car park and bloody freezing on top.

We nailed the red run with the odd twitch on ice then headed for the blues to reinstate confidence before hitting the fun park. It would have been fun if we hadn't had frozen fingers every time we arrived at the front of the queue to go down then had to get on a freezing lift with no covers between each run. After 3 goes, we gave up and went for coffee.

After that we skied the red a few times and filmed each other so I could check my technique. Then we trundled down red 4 to hit the black and enjoyed every minute except for the occasional wobble on ice. When we got to the bottom,  I was grumpy and couldn't decide what to do next so we took the obvious course of action - lunch - to debate the options.

Lunch of pizza was eaten outdoors to avoid the smell of fags inside and I again luxuriated in sheepskin.

I made the call to end the ski day. I was pissy and couldn't foresee enjoying my time in the main Mayrhofen area so we returned to the hotel by taxi (the busses stopped running for lunch), dropped our skis then paid €8 for a return train ticket to do some shopping.  Some quite vigorous shopping which resulted in me acquiring a new ski coat and backpack to take the day to day stress off my OMM one and give me something to carry skins in if I decide to do some trekking tomorrow.

It was all in all a successful day as I felt bloody good about taking time off.  I had some weird justification for buying the rucksack based on improving my day to day life as I make it part of my work inventory and get away from that boring,ugly Targus bag. Since I was awake half the night thinking about my bloody job I figured I owe myself an excuse to love it,  even if it just pays for the toys.

I am looking forward to tomorrow,  whether it snows or not but I am also looking forward to getting home,  seeing the girls and getting back on my bike.  I had forgotten just how much this holiday (no matter when it occurs) affects my acquisition of base condition.  Exercising all day every day for a week should set my performance in good stead and I can't wait to play with that.

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