Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Ski day 4

Started off at our local resort today which made for a short and sweet bus ride and not so long a queue for the lift aa we were up early as usual.  (If I could sleep this well at home,  getting up in the morning would be a breeze... but then I would have to enjoy my ride to work as much as skiing all day).

We gradually made our way over to the as-yet unexplored Eggalm area via a ski route which was far more successful than our previous encounter with the trails of Mayrhofen. I enjoyed the travel and Mr Rodgers progressed his competence in managing icy sections of piste.

In Eggalm we enjoyed black runs and wonderful mountain restaurant experiences, my favourite involving sheep skin rugs on a bench, filling me with renewed enthusiasm to make my home cosier and more lovely. The day seemed too long until we tried to leave and then we ended up doing a drag lift twice which made my leg hurt and then got on the wrong lift but... we got there in the end.

On the way down I had my first crash but it was on a black run so not far to fall, just a long way to slide... and right in front of a ski instructor too. That warranted a coffee before we left and enjoyed the descent before the crowds arrived.

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