Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011 Stats

Swim: 6.53km, 2.2km/hr - more and faster. Yay!
Bike: 244.76km, 17.1km/hr, 3220m el - epic climbing achievements but low - again ice!.
Run: 32.38km, 8.1km/hr, 494m el - sensibly low for the time of year but faster.
Other: Backcountry skiing:79.39km Resort skiing: 166.53km
Strength: 1:02 hours - not enough.

Memories from the Lymm Triathlon

Lymm Tri Race Report

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A hell of a weekend

I shouldn't have booked two bike tests in one week - neve mind left both till the end of the week then taken a brave decision to try to do both in two days.

1:09 spinning on Saturday followed by a 5km run.

90km freezing cold ride to Matlock. OK during the day but my god, when the sun went down, we shivered ourselves out of Sheffield and pumped the pedals just to get warm and get home as quickly as possible.

What a ride though, I can't wait to do it in the summer when we can actually stop in Matlock and enjoy it.

Note to self: The cafe near the roundabout at the end of Eccleshall Road is bloody cold and not worth visiting. What's the point in a cool caf?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Proper started

The last few weeks have been a build up / rest before starting properly... and what a way to start.

We decided to go riding tomorrow because it's going to be warmer tomorrow but I had still planned a 37km spin as a gradual build-up to some racing speeds later in the season, as well as the 90km bike climbing test I'd lined up for tomorrow.

So this morning I put Red on the turbo trainer and pounded out an hour & 10' of spinning in the living room with the conservatory door open for some cooling outdoor air.

I thought it might actually be interesting to keep a record of the shape of my legs this year so I took this before I hit the bike.

By the time I'd finished I was in the mood for a brick training session so (after a long transition involving dry clothing, hat and gloves) I put on the running shoes and did a short lap of the village.

I was suffering quite accutely from a left hamstring issue. Tried tightening the shoe but by the time I got into the village, I had to resort to removing the corrective insole from my left shoe. This seemed to work - no more hamstring pain and no more of the hip and knee pain I was experiencing on Thursday.

I took a run down a footpath but it got me nowhere except muddy and I retraced my steps and instead of doubling the distance, I took the shortest route home. Frightened by an ambulance overtaking some dumbfuck on a blind corner with a car coming the other way.

It must've been about 2:30 when I got in so we ate a big bowl of Puchero each and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing food shopping by way of recovery.

More of the same tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What was today?

Still knackered in the legs from yesterday. Took a swim instead with new paddles and watch. Awesome but I'm not sure on use of the paddles so the legs got a bit of a kicking work out.

Only managed 30 lengths but about 20 were toughies. I really shouldn't swim after friday's Pork sandwiches.

1st run to work this year. 1st run in 2 weeks.

had a storming run to work - there's SO much oxygen in the air at this altitude. Shame about the run home. Achey hips, sore knees, out of breath on all the homeward hills, walking, chronic cramp back in the house. Still 12 minutes off previous best. Not bad.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tri Lessons Learned 2010 season

Notes on last year's season - finally:

Good things I already do:
  1. Packed transition box
  2. Reference the transition point
  3. Drive / ride the bike course before
  4. Cool down / warm up in the water before the swim.
  5. Garnier summer sun moisturiser helps to get a wetsuit off
  6. Helmet on the bike saddle to make sure it's on before I un-rack and off only when the bike is racked.
  7. Tie the pump on the bike to risk a ride without one.
  8. Turn off computer auto-off and leave running on the bike in TX to save fiddling.
  9. Arrange a rest week. 2010 end of season suggests one week of activity prior will help a finish like Todmorden.
Things I found out:
  1. I can always dig out more at the end of the run. Make sure you know where to put it with a recce.
  2. Get to the start line early.
Stuff to resolve to do or try out:
  1. You have a number belt now - use it.
  2. Get a run around the course beforehand.
  3. A protein drink on the bike like after Ingleborough last year & take PS22 with.
  4. Keep a small flask of coffee in tx incase Ullswater is really cold.
  5. Save Go hydration and sugar for the run.
  6. Eat something on the bike now we're doing long races.
  7. Reign in the bike and save some for the run.
  8. Protein food on Helvellyn.
  9. Run your own race and ignore everyone else.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rubbish Planning

Rubbish planning this morning... I listened to my body when it said it wanted to stay in bed so I didn't swim early. Then despite being organised last night, I forgot to pack one set of keys.
When I came to get lovely to leave for the pool she was firmly wrapped up with a big lock and me not having the keys. I was doomed to sit about waiting for TSK to get home before coming to rescue me and the bike. There's another training session out of the window of bad planning. I don't believe all these athletes who swim 5km every day.

I struggle to get out the door with my fucking head screwed on every day. Give me strength... Or make me a morning person at least

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brick Training

I'm sure I've done one other brick training session but I can't find it.

This morning I swam 1.25km then ran 4.5km to work. The legs were heavy - oh so very heavy. I can see why this training is so valid.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Year

The cyclo-cross season ended with a flier of a race. Not, unfortunately, the national championships but the Todmorden new year cross last weekend. With one lap to go I reached the top of a steep cobblestone run-up to find I had a flat tyre. I nursed my bike around the last 2/3 of the lap and only then did my biggest rival catch me. WHy the puncture? Why? I wanted to know where I was going to come, how I was doing. As I crossed the line I was close to lapping Clair.

Lap 1 : 00:10:54.7

Lap 2 : 00:10:06.4

Lap 3 : 00:10:31.3

Lap 4 : 00:10:31.0

Lap 5 : 00:11:26.6

I think about 4 places were lost. Still the end of one season and the begining of the next felt good. Several people asked if I was riding the nationals. In protest at the need for a £36 license and the £18 entry fee and a race that would see me lapped and withdrawn in 30 minutes, I am not.

Since Todmorden, in a week, I have swum 3km, riden to work and run 6.6km around the national championships course.

No matter how many times I have to explain it to others, I'm perfectly happy with the decision. It's nice to put focus into tri. It's been years with cyclo-cross without making any progress but in a sport where it's about the long game, I hope I stand a chance - at least at measurable improvement if nothing else.

Cyclo-Cross Nationals

I've had enough of the cyclo-cross nationals.

I went to watch.

I saw the senior women gridded at the back.

I ran 6km whilst watching the race and chatted to friends.

I would've been lapped after 33 minutes of racing and pulled out.

I am looking fowards to the triathlon season and my ski holidays.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Last of the season and first of 2011

The cyclo-cross at Todmorden was awesome. The whole course was muddy, exciting and challenging but the piece de resistance was a long cobbled climb to the highest point on the race.

It was unrideable by all but the best riders and even many of them resorted to running by the time it got slippery and slidey. At the top were two guys with an I-phone sitting atop 12inch tall speakers mixing techno tunes. Though they met my request for some Foo Fighters with some RunDMC and Guns 'n' Roses. I swear they have my running trax.

At the top of the last lap climb I was close to lapping my usual nearest female competitor and then disaster struck, a puncture.

I ran the rest of the course and was only caught up by my traditional partner in crime - Phil Thackary. I had been 44.7 seconds ahead up until that point.

Not a finish I can ever be disappointed with, Phil caught me approaching the last few turns and we sprinted for the line. I think he probably let me win but I like to imagine not.

How did I get to this point?
Some ski-ing, some strength training, some tri training, intensive racing then one blank week with a cold before a week of activity and then another rest week.

This may be worth remembering.