Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ski day 2

I proudly declared us hardcore as the only ones at breakfast this morning then Andrew reminded me that I was in bed at 7pm the night before.

We had 2inches of snow at the village last night. We dressed for cold and caught the 8.30 bus while everyone else was still drinking coffee.

At the hill we invested in goggles to help Andrew see in the snow blizzard and a ski lock to help me eat my lunch indoors without being wracked by paranoia.  We were still early enough to make it up the escalator instead of being stopped by the queue for the lift.  A short run to get into it again then on to the next lift over to Rastkogel - the bus on a string Tux 150.

The wind was brutal but aa long as it kept snowing I could cope. When it started blowing the snow up the mountain so it tried to lift the hood on the chair I was less impressed and we had to stop quite soon to thaw ourselves and our face protection.
Along with coffee and strudel we then skied every blue and red in that area before lunch and playing with the Penken mittlestation where we found some off piste that was skiable and took advantage of a snowboarder's broken arm to ski in the tracks of a passing piste bully.

We declared our second run down 48 our last before skiing a retreat to the lift this time,  not dicing with the ice and mud on route 30.

It was 2.45 when we got to the queue for downhill and we were down soon enough, enjoying a warm shower and heading out to buy much coveted supplies of food for the inevitable midnight snacks if either of us manages less than 13 hours straight through of a nighttime.

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