Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 2

So here I am on Day 3.

Day 2 was a washout both literally and mentally.  Exhausted yesterday from a poor night's sleep (3:27am when I gave up trying to sleep through house anxiety and went for a walk around the house to reset my brain).  Not sure how it can be so hard to sleep after a hard work day and double training sesh but apparently it is.

When you come down stairs that knackered and hear rain hammering the porch roof it's not easy to go for a run and anyway, by that time, it was too late to do anything before my training course.

I cycled to work as I can't bring myself to take the car when it's raining in case I end up sat in traffic waiting to get through a flood I could just cycle through on my bike.  I suppose that counts as endurance training but it wasn't my programmed 5km run.  The rain hammered but I didn't care.  At least when it's wet in winter, it usually means it's warmish.

At lunchtime, I ate and rested prior to the second assault on the afternoon of work and being mithered by the most "Involved" client I have ever worked for.

It went on till late.  The running shoes didn't come out of the bag and by the time I got home at 7:30 I was wasted and ready for nothing more than a glass of wine and TV.

So here's to day 3.  7:08am.  Catching up to do.  Coffee in paws and strength in the bag at least.

Best of all, it's not raining.

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