Friday, November 02, 2012

2012 October Stats

So after 1 month of the Long Training, how'd I do?  At least I am only in a prep phase so it doesn't exactly matter that I have had a slow week this week does it?

Ha ha... who am I trying to kid?  I went out for a ride today and got knackered going over to Hathersage and back.  That's, like, pitiful.  Anyway, I've mostly been trying to raise my swimming and running game and doing short punchy 'cross races.  Here we go anyway...

I have been looking forwards to this for a couple of weeks.

Swim: 4.95km, 2.6 kph
Bike: 356.62km, 12.7 kph avg, 2767m
Run: 49.5km, 8kph avg, 667m

Detailed: Phase - Prep - Endurance 75%, Force 16.67%, Speed skills 8.33%
swim: 100% end - Target 2hrs, achieved 1:52:13
bike: Endurance 71%, strength 14.15%, Speed 15.19%, (stationary 3.29%, 9.1% 'cross - split between speed & strength) - Target 25:20, achieved 29:07:53
run: Endurance 64.66%, hills 4%, offroad 31.3% - Target 4:30, achieved 6:13

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