Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday run

Feel dreadful for neglecting Norton Wheelers today but Thursday, Friday and Saturday were just so exhausting, there was not a chance I was getting out of bed early this morning and needed to do something for myself for once.  So I am still trying to get the Windows 8 machine to feel comfortable and I went for a lovely run up the Loxley valley this time for a change.

Brilliant mix of river valley, industrial history, clifftops, cowfield mush, horseys, a vertical scramble up a landslide (eek!) and a comfortable byway back to Malin Bridge. Wasn't supposed to be so exciting but the miles just flew by.

No photos because I left my phone at home.  The landslide left me clutching at branches and scrambling over brambles hoping  my feet wouldn't disapear from underneath me.  There was a pony that refused to move from a styal leaving me to clamber over the gate.  There was a lot of cow mud and a lot of gawping at disused factories. 

The left knee niggled all day.  The right heel blister persisted though I mostly kept it at bay with the early application of a blister plaster.  I have to find a permanent solution to this though and it might involve me taking a knife to my shoes before I make another trip to the running shop (to Stuart's horror).

I may also try my old canadian insoles in those particular shoes just to see if I can get a break.

Although it's a rest day tomorrow, it's time to get back on the bike for a warmdown and then pick up the momentum again.  The strength-style lifting hill sets I've been doing up and down stairs over the last few days doesn't seem to have done me one hell of a lot of good.

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