Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 5 & 6 and the end of Week 1

Wipeout. Saturday. Rain. No desire to do anything at all except normal town gutter stuff. Our biggest achievement was walking it both ways twice which, with all the hills in Sheffield, I consider to be a reasonable contribution to the 7 mile run I should have done. We went to look at the new house one more time and we went to watch a great film together.

On Sunday rather than the big ride I have in my calendar I have been & done cyclo cross for the first time in weeks. I enjoyed it, I don't intend to miss it again and of all the endurance disciplines I think I can delay working on the endurance bike until after the cross season. If this really is about getting me ready for the bits I'm no good at, I might as well enjoy the cross season and get a half-arsed result out of the nationals.

If the weather gets bad then it's on to the knoblies for a bit. No excuses.

Talking of excuses, it's time to cut down the calories. When I found myself eating two roast dinners on Wednesday I realised I'm getting podgy.  Some athleticism might come in handy in the coming months.

Training plan percent complete stands at 65%.

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