Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on the feet

So the first few km is completed - a run around Todwick village. I went out pretty fast to warm up and see what the new feet would do. Once I'd gone over the hill, I just relaxed and let things roll so I didn't hurt myself. By the time I got to climbing back up to the A57, my left calf was starting to hurt a bit. This is the leg I put most of my weight on so I'm not surprised it started first. I could feel Thursday's session in my right knee-pit but not too bad, just residual pain really.

By the time I got to the entry back into my driveway I had to walk as the pain in the left calf was getting a bit constant. I can only imagine that I haven't ever used this muscle before which means I have a bit of work to do to get it up to strength. That's what I'm going to do this afternoon - plan getting my running back on track as the swimming is going well and the bike will, eventually, take care of itself.

I could deffinately feel that my stride was lengthening, that my feet pointed forwards instead of shuffling with a sideways gait and that my foot felt more transitional and flexible rather than flappy.

The upshot is, compared to other similar distance runs this one was pretty quick considering I walked the last 150m. In terms of speed, it's closest to some of the fittest runs I've done like Birdlip Hill and other Horizon training, Blinknoll hill in swindon in March and runs to work in June. It's surpassed by last summer and my very effective Guildford run on new years day (it must've been the ice that did it!).


justagirl15 said...

Foot fabulous!

Trep said...

Here's what the podiatrist had to say:
Hi Andrea
Thanks for your email. I hope the orthoses are starting to have an effect. I followed the link to your blog and had a read. You will need to have a bit of time to get used to the way your foot and now body will be funcitoning. Do not try to rush it as there will adaptions that need to take place. A gradual build up is far better with increasing your time running each time rather than trying to do too much to soon.

Anyway attached are the foot print pictures which show the reduced decelaration at toe off. I thought your summary of your visit was accurate, I often wonder what impression people are left with and how much they understand afterwards. It would help if everyone had a blog to read.

Good luck with the training and any problems let me know



Colin Papworth, Podiatrist

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Holywell Healthcare,Chesterfield.
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needlessinput said...

Heheheh, sneaky podiatrist!
I guess he knows best.... :D