Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swim Test finally completed

It's taken a while but the swim test I had planned for last week has finally happened - that is, I have finally managed it.

I am starting to conclude that I can't swim 2km with a pool full of playing children. I shouldn't even attempt it and just wait for a day when I can get out of bed in time to make it to a lane swimming session.

The First 10 - For the first time ever I looked at my watch before 10 laps were done. It said 7 laps. How depressing.
The next 20 - I managed to get into a rhythm and get up to 33 laps before I looked at the watch. A few manic overtakes of the man doing verrrrr...yyyyy wide breastroke, slowly, in the fast lane. Don't even get me started on him swimming down the middle of the lane.
The next 30 - I was joined by the regulars. An older man who swims crawl faster than me and a young guy who swims breastroke about the same speed. Slow man finally moved over a lane and at one point I got between the two fast boys and tailed the toes of the crawling man in front. A fun speed boost but the breastroke man got fed up and went round me again. Another play joined the foray and I did a few hard fast lengths getting swept up in the dick fight malestrom. Looked at the watch at 66 laps.
The next 10 - had to have a burp-stop to alleviate the nausea. Dropped the dickfight and took to long, slow strokes. I dropped the focus on hand and arm position and instead adopted a more straight-on approach to my body position in the water, which seemed to make arm bend instead of straight on entry. It was more comfortable and felt more effective so I stuck with it through to 74 laps.
The last 10. Phleurrragh. Going as slow as possible to avoid being sick. Counting pairs of laps as 3 to go sounds so much less than 6.
The warm down - a lot of slow stretching sitting as still as possible.

It was a hard 2km swim. It was not the fastest nor the slowest. It was fairly accurate - I only gained one lap on the watch which I shouldn't have and I think this is because of my burp-stop or the foot cramp lap where I had to stop to hold onto the side for a bit.

Without being mean to myself, I think I can discount all previous 2km efforts before I bought the poolmate on the basis of my counting being RUBBISH. If I can't do this sub-50" now, there's no reason I should've ever managed it.

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