Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For all I love being in Sheffield, I hate going back to my house in Wootton Bassett... And I hate going back because I love that little house.

When I'm in it I am cosy. I am home. I sit on the sofa with TSK. It's not big enough for us and all our shit. It's unfinished and unkempt and nobody can care but us... and we don't.

I hate coming here because I hate leaving it. I hate going back to the big prissy house in the middle of useless.

I love being back in Sheffield and I still hate certain people at Halcrow for throwing my life into this kind of chaos right now.

Ha. Right now.... 12 months have passed and I'm still dicking around with getting it on the market... And still trying to wangle a job which means I get to make money on living in it. Conflicted? Not me

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