Monday, October 10, 2016

Derby National Trophy 2016

It really was a lovely day at Derby. I didn't do well in the race at all. It was so very fast, my bike was all at odds with different tyres on the front compared to the back.

I had to fight not to be last and was beaten by quite some margin by someone that has been behind me in the field for years. I am happy for her but of course upset at myself and worrying if anything is wrong with me.

Am I over tired? 
Am I ill?
Early season crapness?
Did I do too little training? 
The wrong kind of training? (probably).

After the race, lots of friends asked if I enjoyed it and if it went well and I tried to be polite and not mardy but how can you when the answer is, "No, I / it didn't"... and then you have to explain, and then I saw Crispin and he said the most perfect thing, "not your best day". Engineers. They really do know everything. 

But I had such fun this week. Starting my triathlon season early, working on the house for the first time in years. So I can't woŕry about cyclo cross this year. 

I will enjoy it like I always do and I will be there at all my local races but I think I will hit the national trophy on the head. I enjoy the support and encouragement from Yorkshire and a lot of old friends in the North West but I hate the over-zealous officialdom, the rudeness, the timescales, the road racing courses that turn into quagmires in the face of 8 races per day and the paparazzi of jetwash machines and pit bracelets, the miles of travelling and weekends away (that aren't in the Lake District).

See you at the National Championships British Cycling, I will be the one at the back of the grid.

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