Saturday, October 08, 2016

Being Brave II - the very very short run

A day of doing DIY.  My first attempt at de-cluttering saw me dig out an old door that's been cluttering the spare room, waiting to go on the spare room door hinges.  Having 2 doors in a room is over the top.

I knew I had to cut 2 inches of the bottom but didn't expect to do an inch off each side too.  Ah well.

One re-crafted, sanded door ready to be re-hung the next time I get around to de-cluttering.

Andrew came in from a ride and we went for lunch then I dressed like I was going to go for a run to put me in the mood.  I had stomach cramps so was addressing that with drinking water.

I hoovered too then once I'd finally rehydrated, set off for my run.

After 1.29 miles my legs were wobbly and I was struggling to maintain any pace through a rumbling tummy.  My down hill running was atrocious.

I gave up any aspirations of a longer run onto the moors and instead settled for winding down to the valley floor and jogging home.  25 minutes for the first 2 miles then I arrived home after 37 minutes for 4 miles.  Diabolical.

Still, tha's what the off season is all about no?

Still, this week I have managed to ride my bike twice (3rd time tomorrow), swim once and run twice as well as 2 yoga sets.  I've learned there's no point going to STC swim training since I can't swim for an hour yet and I have survived.  Looking forwards to next week already.

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