Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A beautiful point

A ballet teacher once said I had a "Beautiful point" (toes).  In theory, this should make me an excellent swimmer.  So I am focusing on pointing my toes when I kick.

The first four laps of kick practice today were tedious as last week but were around 15 seconds faster so yay for progress.  I did them earlier this time so that I could get another set in later.

They tired me out so much that I decided not to do too much more, maybe just two more lengths.

This time I set off at a right pelt!  It went really well but I burned out by the time I got to the middle of the length.  Perhaps this is the problem.  My kick is "ok" but just not sustainable.  It's pretty much the problem with my whole swimming at the moment.

So I did some froggy-legs and then kicked the rest of the length and did the same on the return trip.  This seemed to go much better for me and during the times I was actually kicking, I was less depressingly slow.

So it gives me something to look forwards to next time.

When I went back to regular swimming my legs were so knackered I didn't actually kick at all.  It didn't seem to have any detrimental effect whatsoever but I'm sure things will all come together in the long run.

Getting to work I can feel the muscles aching - new muscles - and they're good running muscles too so long runs and coming togethers are all on the cards.

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