Monday, October 17, 2016

5 - 12 Things

 I had this recommendation a few weeks ago. Actually, the day after the 3 Peaks. I haven't adhered to the rules as some of these actions are ideals rather than specific targets but at least I have finally found the time to sit down and write them out.

  1. Train consistently. 
  2. Swim kick improvement 
  3. STC coaching when I can manage 1 hr swimming
  4. Norton Saturdays every other week or equivalent, morphing into time trials nearer the season. 
  5. 2 yoga per week 
  6. In bed by 10:30 every day
  7. 1 weekday 20 mile ride
  8. 1 hill reps run session per week 
  9. 1 intervals run session per week 
  10. Develop quiet confidence 
  11. Stay hydrated 
  12. Monthly massages

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