Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Beast and Friends

"I love the beast. I actually look forward to the beast showing up because every time he does, I handle him better. I get him more under control." Lisa Smith-Batchen on fatigue.

I woke up. I stared at the wall. I still felt sleepy but no matter what I did, I couldn't go back to sleep. My tummy rumbled. The clock said 3.45. If I got up to eat there would be little point in returning to bed. I had to leave for Norfolk at 5am.  I tried to pretend I wasn't hungry.

I pretended to snooze. My brain started to think about work so I thought of something nice. Running. I got excited. I thought about my favourite bits of my favourite book and those words went through my head.

"The only way to truly conquer something is to love it."

I swung my feet out of the bed.  To hell with sleep.
I was going in search of the beast.  

I  At 4.15 I said goodbye to TSK and set off to Norfolk.

For 2 hours I drove through fog listening to Sarah Cox et all ranting it was going to be warmer than Spain, Greece, barmy!

Eventually Mr Sun made his big red appearance.

Suddenly distracted and invigorated, it was a wonder that I even saw the Tawny Owl sweep across the road right before me and settle on a fence post.

We shared a look that said, "I won't tell anyone if you don't".

I had to get out there. I know, I was supposed to be working but  "I won't tell anyone if you don't".
I span out the drive as long as possible balancing temperature rise against the ever dwindling remnants of breakfast stored in my belly. Just as I started to skim Sat nav for a river to follow, I found signs for a wild flower garden.

I hope the pheasant wasn't embarrassed by my nudity as I dressed into running kit. There certainly weren't any dog walkers at 7.15.  Conveniently the paths were well marked.

I thought I was just on for an out and back along this pretty but smelly stream
I thought I was just in for an out and back along a smelly stream in the cold air but then it opened out in to a rewarding Ford (with foot bridge) and crossed the main road, still signed, where I fluffed the ears on a Bassetthound before continuing. That and the owl, together, could have made my day. 

The pigs feasting in the warming Sun, squealing and chasing each other, that made things so much funnier. 

This little piggy was alone in a field
The rolling trail, the woodpecker in the trees, blackbirds pimping their song, the deer I only just caught sight of because she saw me first.

The stately home estate which houses all that glory,...

...the March Hare that I saw first and who posed for a photo before running away...
The stately home estate which houses all that glory, the March Hare that I saw first and who posed for a photo before running away or the exhilaration of arriving back at the car, still fresh, turning around and doing it all again in the opposite direction... any of those things, combined with the tawny owl could have made it the most amazing day.

The Fact that I found a tower for TSK to enjoy.

The fact I found a tower for TSK is one thing...
but what really made my day was the wild boar that crashed out of the bushes RIGHT NEXT TO ME, skittered across my path and bolted into the woods opposite.  Its tail flashed through the trees. It looked back as it departed. It's little tusks were only as big as my own hooked finger but a hell of a lot sharper and tougher.  He probably looked back to make sure I wasn't in pursuit but I'd like to think it was more an expression of "I won't tell anyone if you don't".            

Upright snowdrops next to a slopey bridge

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