Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday and Tuesday in tweets

  • Monday

    • Well that wasn't too bad... as shit days go. Mind you, haven't had the estimate for the #Vanu yet.

      ... on leaving my helmet and shoes at home on a cold and icy day when I *had* to drop the vanu in at the garage; forgetting my wallet, phone and keys so I couldn't recover my bike; getting a lift to tescos to discover I have no money; going to the shops to find TSK had already done shopping and finding out the ballet class I bought shoes for is no longer running.

    Tuesday Morning

    First 1800m swim scheduled. Swim schwang rediscovered so I carried on to 1900 to check my speed. 1 minute faster than last year's lake race pace. I call that a good day.

    Tuesday Evening

    New skill - going full out on the rollers. Greenday for the motivation. Wake me up when September ends. Sentimental for the' cross season.

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