Sunday, March 10, 2013

A long run

Today's run was serendipity on a full scale. I set out in fleece leggings, really not wanting to get too cold after last night.  I carried a spare lycra pair to change to when I got too hot. I 're-traced our Christmas day ride up the Rivelin (fine running) then up onto the top road.

Snow line

The sun came up as I entered the snow line and for a moment it all felt very spring Alpine. Spin drift blew off the field and flurried in the road. It looked pretty but I knew it was going to hurt. It stung the side of my face as I was forced to walk past because of the verglass forming on the broken tarmac.

Despite the return of the sun, the top path was slithery, a real slog to run.  I'd done 8km by the time I got there. Bang on target. Time to head home but after the struggle, I was glad to drop back down to the A57 and onto the Rivelin /Redmires Dam trail. I forgot myself and headed for the farthest reservoir to home leaving me a long slog back. My decision making sloshed between "direct and easy" and "the path less trodden".

It's not surprising I'll never beat any of my friends' half marathon times with route-planning like this.
I had a major sense of humour fail after the second time following foot prints down a dead end route. When I got back on track I considered phoning TSK for a pick-up but the brain resisted, figuring I could always walk the last 4k.

My plan had been to put on the fleece leggings I set out in. I didn't factor a complete inability to untie my shoelaces.

So after my 10 miles session was complete, I walk /ran the last 4k through more snow and mud thinking how enjoyable it can be to go beyond limits and how great it is to complain about it. I can't say I loved every minute and I am far too knackered to swim tonight now but I managed the downhill to my door, took pride in the house that we don't yet own (on my way past) and really do feel better for having gone out with a rucksack and needed every item of clothing in it.

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