Sunday, March 10, 2013

Forestman Bike Recce

Thngs that went wrong

  • Got up too late
  • Decided it was a good idea to true my wheels in the hotel
  • Decided it was a good idea to write out the instructions in Audax language, not realising they would still be unintelligible on the road
  • One nipple crumbled to dust
  • Long drive to Fordingbridge
  • Didn't bring a map and had to buy one
  • Ate half my lunch and forgot to carry any food.
  • Looked at the sky and thought "it will just be the odd spot of rain"
  • Light weight waterproof and No mudguards.
  • Got too wet to stop and make use of the heavy lock I packed Eg. Tea stop, beer, pub dinner, cry into pint
  • Following the instructions. Not following the instructions
  • Leaving my Garmin balanced on the bike rack whilst I drove up to Oxford (considering the state of Britain's roads, it's a miracle it stayed put to be rescued 2 hours later)

Things that went right

  • County lanes
  • Trepid-friendly technical course                                        
  • Ponies every where
  • Herd of donkeys
  • Retired policeman who rode and chatted with me when I most needed it - when I was soaking, cold, unable to read the soggy toilet paper that was my directions and ready to give up and go home
  • The misty sunset over the New Forest national park

  • Still finding the motivation to ride 100m up the road to trip the distance over to 80km
  • Having a Vanu to change and get warm in
  • Getting to know the area and the terrain, even if I wasn't on the right roads.
  • Finding Sandy Balls unusually pleasant for a family holiday resort and looking forward to returning

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