Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swimmy days

I effectively had a day off Thursday so on Monday I chose to catch up on the weekend swim that I missed.  2km.  It hurt a lot at first because my shoulders had spent all day Saturday poling through the snow.  However, I warmed up, took it steady and before you know it, 80 laps were in the bag and I was able to go off to East Anglia - the North Norfolk coast to be precise.  That took me 6 hours so, by 4pm I was ready for a damn good sleep.

Now, to get on with this week's training.

The Norfolk project had a bit of a setback on Tuesday - largely due to me cancelling a crane lift because it was too windy to lift anything.

No-one liked it which pissed me off.

I very nearly walked away from site I was so angry.  What a waste of my time.  I stewed in my anger until I was able to leave site at 12:00.  This time, at least, it only took me 4.5 hours to get back home and so I headed for the pool of course.   Thank god it's an easy week this week, so 35 hours after my last swim I headed to Ponds Forge and stretched another 30 laps of the 50m pool out of my arms.  

It was blissfully quiet and so I even managed my 800m timetrial that has been on the books for so long.  

800m was a nice milestone to hit because I spent the next few laps calculating that at that speed I could nail the ironman swim distance in 1:03.  A nice dream.

After 1500m I felt so good I was able to haul myself out of the poolside onto the dive platform.  It wasn't pretty and I probably won't do it again but it felt satisfying.

Sofa time.

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