Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 2 - A helping hand from mother nature

I won't lie, it's been a struggle getting going after being ill.  Last week was week 1 and I managed all but two training sessions.  The last one - the 6 mile run on Sunday was a real slog.  The sleet and rain didn't help but after 3.5km, I nearly sat down on the wall outside Bramhall Lane and cried.  Serves me right for trying a city run really.

So I had my rest day on Monday, despite having to travel on Tuesday in the car.  I did enjoy my rest day Monday a lot.  I even left work on time to ensure I got a proper rest.

On Tuesday I chickened out of training again, choosing instead to have a long deep bath in the luxury of my freely upgraded hotel room.

then go for dinner with my new inlaws.  It was a lovely meal and so good to see them as we haven't done so since the wedding day.

So this morning I set the alarm for 5:30 but snoozed it twice (at half hour intervals).  I couldn't get back to sleep after the second so I got up and reluctantly over-dressed against the freezing weather and set off for my run along the Cromer beaches.

This time I turned towards Cromer and once I'd passed the flotsam on the walkway, had a lovely clean run along the shore edge.  Some of it was challenging, where the rocks were large along the waves so I was forced onto soft sand.  Some of it was really rewarding.  Eventually it came light enough for me to turn off my head torch and I noticed that the coastal temperatures were so high I didn't need my wool leggings on.

handy beach-hut?
With 700m to go to the turnaround point I decided to run to the end of the peir.

Cromer lifeguard museum - just me, my shoes and a fisherman
Tiny Arctic Turns scurried around the wooden deck picking up traces of food - chips, discarded worms and breadcrumbs.  As I walked by they flew over to the railings, sliding about on the steel posts like slapstick comedy performers until they gave up and swooped down to the ocean, suddenly transformed into graceful black and white darts.

Taking a turn for the better

 Cromer has its nice bits and this is the view back up the pier to the Cliftonville hotel and the church behind.
Nice, Cromer
After the peir and snapping holiday pics, I headed off up the ramp which leads to the town, thinking that it would be nice to do a circular run along the clifftops instead of trudging through the sand on the way back.  I was so glad I did because the higher elevation meant I was met with this view... and this doesn't portray half of the RED that was going on.

Here comes the sun
In case you need another look

 My first thought to myself was, "I'll never miss another morning run again because I'm being too whingey and moaney and can't be bothered".

My follow up thought was, "If I'd got up at 5:30 and got back to the hotel in time for the pancake breakfast I had promised myself, I would've missed this".

White toast and coffee seems a small price to pay for this view and an extra hour in bed.

Footnote, I was only 6 minutes late for my morning meeting.
Afterthought: Why do golf clubs get in the way of a good circular route?  Ho Hum, 3 more miles of soft sand.

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