Sunday, February 03, 2013


I promised some positive words. That I've run and swam further than ever before at this time of year. That soon we will have our own house again and won't have to take 10minutes to shuffle bikes every time we want a different one from the basement.

All I want to do is get on with training tomorrow and yet the body says no. I have Claire's words echoing in my head "I never stop". I also have those famous words "listen to your body" in there too.  I don't ever want to stop and yet today we walked for 30 minutes and I had to go to bed for an hour.

Yet my hips are starting to hurt like the muscles I've worked so hard to build are dying and wilting away.

I keep stroking my thighs. Not through some perverse vanity but to check that the muscles I put there are still there

People will say I have been sick I should rest. I am too prone to accept that too well and overdo it, the rest.

I hate being ill. Not for the illness but the effect it has on everything else in life. I'm too impatient for illness and scared that if I let it, it will turn my life into one long series of rest days. So if you excuse me, I will try and come back too early and I will probably do too much.

The best I can hope for is achieving some balance and finding out which hats aggravate my head least.

I remind myself to ask nothing from my training and my training shall reward me in ways I cannot imagine.

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