Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roller babe

In 2009 Andrew bought me rollers (bike trainer, not hair curlers). I used them twice and then gave up because I kept needing to hold on to the hall walls.

Last night, after a bad day at work left me wanting for exhaustion in the cold evening air, I managed 50 minutes on them.  Granted, I sat with my elbow 2 inches off the living room wall and spent the entire time staring at a little oil spot on the front door to keep my balance but I managed it.

Roller session

The most distracting part of my training session was the Van der Graff effect of running plastic rollers with a rubber belt and rubber tyres on a cheap polyester carpet.  Made my hair stand on end and my elbow crackle with static every time it went near to the wall, bringing my fringe crashing down to stick onto my sweaty forehead.  Thankfully I got the hang of blowing out of the way without taking my eyes off that oily smudge on the door.

So glad no-one was passing with a camera.

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