Saturday, February 02, 2013

Week -1 of Ironman training

So this is the end of the beginning.

2 months ago I started the preparation training for Ironman.  I have ended it with Shingles giving me three scabby welts on top of my head.

When I should be looking forwards to starting week +1 on Monday, I have actually spent most of this week with my feet up either in a hotel, on a train or in my house.

In a way it has been a timely illness since I've got a few things sorted for the impending house purchase.  There's nothing less taxing than filling in forms (except tax forms of course).

The end of preparation is also a timely clash with month-end meaning I have a perfect opportunity to do stats and celebrate something (anything!).

Swim: 8.7km 2.3kph.  Compares to last month:  6.5 km 2.8 kph. Compares to 2010: 6.53 km 2.2 kph
Bike: 305.2 km 16.64 kmph, 
3370 m. Compares to last month: 420.9 km, 17.9 kph, 4852m elCompares to 2010: 244.76 miles, 17.1 mph, 3220 m el.
Run: 33.5 miles, 5.1 mph, 923m el.  Compares to last month: 25.8 miles, 5.4 mph, 923m elCompares to 2010: 20.3 miles, 5.1 mph, 494m el.

Percentages complete: 55%
Week -5: 75%
Week -4: 39%
Week -3: 76%
Week -2: 88%
Week -1: 13%

Time in the zone: 20 minutes of measured 36 (55%)


just a girl said...

Poor thing! I was just talking to The Boy about shingles and how I fear ever getting it!

Tanya said...

Ouch. Shingles do not sound fun. Get well soon!