Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 1 continued

Day 2
I managed to keep the momentum going with a 5mile run at lunch time. It was bright and sunny so how hard could that be?

As I had ridden to work there was no question about catching up on day 1's ride. Despite falling asleep at work in the afternoon I stayed in until 7 and did the whole thing.

Day 3
I managed to ride to swimming to  properly enjoy it this time and felt like I was keeping up with Ruth and Chris... almost. I had myself a fast ride in to work but it was a hard day with a 7pm finish again so Fri turned into a rest day.

Day 5's ride was a cold one and must've been a hilly one too because after 20 miles I felt like falling asleep in the pub.

Today is currently feeling like another lost cause. All I can bring myself to do is loll about and do the occasional chore. I did go outside and move the Vanu so I could do some work on her but, despite wearing my running clothes, that was enough to persuade me that I don't really want to go out again.

My only option now for week 1 is giving up on it now or 6miles on the running machine followed by pool time. Hmmm.    

Finally persuade myself to go out by deciding that nothing in the house will be more exciting or enjoyable and deciding on a flat city route. Turns out I underestimated how tiresome city running can be. By the time I ended up at Bramhall Lane I was ready to stop for a cry. Fortunately I just managed to keep walking and got to Nether Edge so at least I could nosey at posh houses. I popped out at Sharrow Vale and ran straight home. 10k, 1 frustrating hour & 14minutes. Sore ankles should teach me for not wearing my insoles.

I refuse to admit I feel any better for that.

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