Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's a day for being quiet. TSK is doing the Dunwich Dynamo today but instead of driving all the way down to london to ride to the Suffolk coast, he's just going to head over from Sheffield later on this evening and arrive there, about 6am for his swim in the sea.

I had my ocean swim this morning. Rother valley didn't quite match up to the waves of Ullswater in June but it was tough.

I've had a hard week. I have trained hard on my bike twice in two days and run twice in two days, including a run from work to Santander in Brinsworth with over £500 in cash in my shoes. It's not that I'm particularly worried about Brinsworth as an area but I'd forgotten my bumbag and running along clutching £500 in twenties in my sweaty mit seemed a little risky. I mean, knowing me, I'd drop it.

I also did a swim on Wednesday night at the pool. Ages since I've been to the pool.

For some time I've been debating the pros and cons of my gym membership. It was cheap at £29 per month and very flexible. The advantages: that I wil tend to pop in for quick 20 minute sessions because I feel like I'm getting my money's worth if I do; that frequently and in the winter when I want nothing more than to sit on the machines in the warm and run on the treadmill, it's always there, on my way to work. The cons: I wasn't doing that anywhere near frequently enough, especially in the summer with all my fun I'm having with the Sheffield Tri club. I have to pay for Sheffield Tri and so training was getting rather expensive.

Last week I checked the account that my gym membership comes from. They were only ones who hadn't switched over my direct debit and the charge had gone up to £38. Well, long story short, they apologised and refunded the excess from the last three months but the damage was done and I wasn't prepared to pay £38 at all, especially as I get so much more - coaching, techniques, speed sessions from the Sheffield Tri group.

So with Sheffield Tri providing the swimming training, Dark Peak Fell Runners offering the run training and Norton Wheelers / Sheffield Tri the bike training, I only had one gap to breach. Cliffhanger left me a 10% discount card with my ticket which I very nearly recycled. Since I noticed the discount I have been making a long list of things to buy from Decathlon.
  • one transformer for the battery fridge so I can cool it on mains,
  • one set of weight lifting weights type things to help me actually grow some muscles and...
  • we are now the proud owners of a slackline kit. Partly so we can play at balance-type fun stuff in the garden and when we go away. Partly so we can tie the vanu cushions together every time we go to bed at night.
Next week, the cat sitter is coming to meet Lenny. There are now only a few things I have left to organise for the PBP. Proper holidays this year (for me anyway). I'm looking forwards to virtually stoking TSK in his exploits and starting to get ready for my big end of season effort. August is going to be sweet.

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