Friday, July 29, 2011


I truly exhausted myself last week so I allowed myself some well earned rest days to recuperate. Tuesday. By the end of it I was still tired and with the warm humid weather, sleeps weren't exactly doing so well.
On Wednesday I had my first session with the stress counsellor to try and help with my jaw pain. Personally I think I handle stress quite well.

With my job, getting rid of it isn't an option so I am hoping this woman can help me identify the stresses that cause me a problem and give me coping techniques to combat the stress... that is, techniques that don't involve me clenching my teeth in my sleep, resulting in jaw pain.

It was a bit stressful careering across Nottinghamshire but at least it was another rest day until I went swimming at Ponds Forge with the Tri Club.
200-100-200 warm up
4 200 s at a medium pace
4 100 s increasing in intensity from 'easy' to fucking 'mental'
4 50 s at fucking mental pace with 1minute rest in between.
The first 3 fucking mentals were ok but the last one hurt like hell. I could feel the lactic acid in my shoulders and was good for nothing all evening. I wish I could achieve that kind of swimming output on my own.

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