Friday, July 29, 2011

Back in France

30 minutes on the motorways and A (or D) roads of france and it's like I've never been away. Of course this time, sat nav provided by my employer made the number of u-turns fewer but my fists still hurt from trying to change gear with the wrong hand.
I was greeted at the hotel doorway by my landlord from back home. Joy. He had a message for me from my host at work tomorrow.
They respected my privacy and left me to 52 laps of the tiny pool. It was like I'd not been travelling all day. Not really. That's why I only did 500 m.
I am now reminded of the best and worst of French quisine... Eating my fresh - yes fresh - olives soaked in red garlicy pesto and waiting long oh so long for souris of lamb... Whatever that is. I am expected at work at 8am tomorrow. I am unsure of whether this will happen. 
I debated a walk after dinner to suss out a running path for tomorrow. Probably a good job dinner took so long.

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