Friday, July 29, 2011


Now that I'm at the build up to Helvellyn I have absolutely no idea how I will do. For sure I've put the training in and I have had two weeks off training to rest but what of that rest? 

Time spent galavanting around airports and French roads, working like a dog and looking after TSK. All things I wanted to do but they have made me tired during my rest. 

Every time I catch up there is something else to do, the next missed or overheated sleep.
As a consequence I have done so little with my rest period. It has not been a lack of equipment that stopped me, for I now take my stuff every where.  It is a lack of mental strength from missed sleeps. I managed one cycle ride and one run during the pbp and one swim-run brick session this week whilst at work.
To top off the fatigue, an old hip injury has reoccurred from sitting about in cars and trains too much. Will it get me up Helvellyn? Who can tell.
One thing is for sure, I'm going to give it a go. I think I may do better than I expect.
So long as I get a good nights sleep tonight.

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