Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May 2011 stats and training review.

Swim: 2.4 km, 1.6km/hr - Pretty rubbish but been doing more OW which is hard to judge.
Bike: 276.65 km, 21km/hr, 3,772m el - Further and higher than April but a little slower.
Run: 59.26km (come on!), 7.5km/hr, 1,417m el - Further, not so fast but check out that climbing!
Other: Walking 30km.
Strength: At least 45 mins - but REALLY not enough.

Right now I'm exhausted and with the race of the year only 4 weeks away I begin to wonder if I've over-done it too soon. Rather than arriving at this race bouncy and ready to kick some ass, will I inistead arrive there tired from a soeason's worth of racing already with nothing more than a series of minor race pbs to my name.

All I can do for now is trust my training plan - bad or good (and let's be honest, when did I ever really stick to it) and hope that it all works out in the end. The thing about training plans is they need to adapt to every day life - to colds, work load and unexpected visitors.

This years has suffered from bouts of winter- and landlord-induced depression and house-fixing but the approximate theory has been followed.

If anything I may have peaked too early. So I will spend the next two weeks trying to fine-tune what I have done to date then rest up for a week or so. I will either shine or I will wilt horribly. If I shine I will be pleased. If I wilt horribly I will put it down to bad timing. I will look back to the Calderdale weekend when I cycled 85km, ran a 12km fell race and still did a pb at the Trunce on the Monday and next year I will work backwards from there.

What truly terifies me is the fact that it's over a month since I managed my 2km swim. It only seems like yesterday. Can I pull that off at Rother Valley this saturday and still do half it again on Sunday in a race. I doubt it - but I'm going to try.

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