Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day in the Lakes Results

Race report to follow as I want to do it justice.

I was surprised on the day to find out my run time was 1:44. I was aiming for 2:20. This was explained by me missing 7km off the run course. I realised this when I discovered that my run was the fastest in my category (senior female) and actually, the fastest of all the women. I fessed up and have been relegated to a DNF.

Overall, I was aiming to come above the top 2/3 of the field. I wouldn't have achieved this even if I had finished the run so I suppose I can maintain this target for next year. Practice makes perfect and all that.

On the bike (which was a leg-saver to be fair) I was 26th. That put me 303rd if you include the men (but if they want to blow their legs on the bike and try to show off on the Kirkstone pass then so be it).

The swim was rough - I know this. 41/50 in the women. 280th overall. Considering I put all my focus on getting up to 2000m in a nice calm lake, I'm not surprised I did badly in the power fest that was 1000m of ocean-high waves.

Chalking this one down to experience.

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