Saturday, May 28, 2011

Du then Swim

Fairholmes the second and a reduced course due to the usual course being under water in places. Just two women turned up and I pranced off at a pace to make sure I set a lead. My chaser managed to maintain her distance after the first turnaround which gave me a bit of a scare, as did the sideways action crossing the cattle grid on the way back to transition.

Thoughts on Chrissie Wellington's shoe laces not confirmed yet. I'd have to do a long run in them to make sure.

That was Thursday evening. A rest on Friday and Saturday morning saw me on the banks of Rother Valley Country Park waiting to plunge into the murky depths with everyone else on the main swim. I managed 23 minutes in the water. It felt a lot longer. It was very cold. Still spitting up snot hours later I intend to sit back and recover big time.

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