Sunday, June 12, 2011


In the aftermath of ADIL I have been juggling adequate rest, a hefty work load and the desperate need to get back to training in preparation for Helvellyn and the 3 Peaks. Although I know I am in the best form of my post-university life, I am worried about getting too tired and over training for the two end of season events.

Trying to rationalise this as I emerge from a rest period when I’ve lost some fitness is tough.

Last night I did the Trunce 6. I set off fast as my promise to my running-self is shorter, steeper, faster. It all started to hurt after the first river crossing when the road went flat and I got stitch. I kept it under control on the steep climbs but then the consequesnces struck on the down hill. No quantity of running with my arms in the air would help and the flat road killed me again. I resorted to the other extreme of bending over to fuss some dogs as they passed.

This seemed to work and I was able to run the majority of the rest of the event with only minor stitch. The last downhill to the finish was tough and I jogged it but at least I finished and was only 20s off a pb. Things are looking up.

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