Sunday, February 14, 2010


Two rides.  A slow ride to Malborough - so some hills.  Trying out the new position on the tri bars.  No good.  Hands too close together.  Had to give up using them in the afternoon as weird things were happening to my back.  Will go to the middle ground.  Crunchy bottom bracket now.

Tried to resolve crunchy bottom bracket and ended up wrecking crank.  Will have to go through the hastle of repairing now.  Fixed the other stuff.  Felt like spending the rest of the day sulking but dragged myself out on Red with Andrew for a fast ride.  Did good around Ashton Keynes and back through Swindon.

Rested after the hour.  It shows with a drop to 12 mph and a heart rate drop off to... oh, I had a day-off the HRM.

I meant to run but my head just wasn't in it.  Shame because I am looking forwards to it.  My heart rate went very high last time I did it which is a good indicator I am getting better.  The bad news is I need to re-evaluate my maximum heart rate which is hard work.  Sniff.

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