Monday, February 08, 2010

National Cyclo-Cross Championships 2010

Sadly, no miraculous altitude-skiing-fuelled success at the nationals. It shouldn't be a surprise to me as my head wasn't in it, I left the iron tablets at home and... let's face it, it would've been a more successful event in January when I had actually done 80% of the training instead of starting to work on a triathlon and then going ski-ing for a week.

Still, I went from second-to-last to finishing with three people behind me due to my endurance holding out and a spot of very smart attacking on my part. I also nearly caught up with my old friend from uni but, on the downside, Helen Wyman lapped me after three laps and made the whole trip up to Birmingham seem like a bit of a waste of time. I was at least glad that I went to get drunk with Silver Lining on Saturday instead of being wholesome and holding out.

Once over, we stuck around to eat doughnuts and enjoy the very exciting mens' race before driving all the way back to Wiltshire.

Monday should've been a ride-to-work or a swim day to ease out the tensions - both in my muscles and in my brain but having got out of bed, I realised I'd put more effort into the national event that it felt at the time and I resorted to driving to work - but not before I installed the new tri bars onto Phoenix bike to give me something to look forwards to later in the week.

Best thing about the nationals? It being over and giving way to pastures new.

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