Saturday, February 06, 2010

Return from Skiing

After our return from ski-ing on 30th, this week has been quiet excercise-wise.

Sunday I felt inspired to do a run. Surely, I thought, after all that ski-ing I would be ready for a long run. Sadly, my muscles did not concurr, though I did manage 11.7km - my longest recorded run. It took me an hour and 27 minutes.

On Monday I did my one session of triathlon training - a swim. I needed a swim as I didn't do any in Austria - not unless you count languishing in the spa pool and jaccuzi.

I managed the mile distance this time (finally) but it took me 45 minutes and by the end of it I felt like I was swimming up hill. Still, at least it is progress.

Tuesday night was indoor rpm / spinning training with the Swindon Road Club where I felt both strong and fast compared to previous efforts. I'm sure I'm still not matching the performance of those I aspire to but I felt much-improved.

The remainder of the week has been spent resting with a couple of rides to work including testing the smaller chainrings on Phoenix bike and a new seat post on "Lovely".

It's the national cyclo-cross championships tomorrow and I am ready for it but more than anything, I am looking forwards to being able to get back to the triathlon training next week. I've found it really difficult to concentrate on work this week. It seems that the morning training, be it swimming or weights, focuses my mind. I feel like it's looking forward. Today feels like an unfinished book, like the end to last year... and last year wasn't a good one.

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