Monday, July 02, 2007

Stories of making boys think you're amazing.

It's just a girl thing.

The vanu didn't start one day last week. It made a trying-to-start squeak but no real attempt at starting an ingine. I had 20 minutes to get to work before I was really late.

I hopped out and popped the bonnet (hood).

Builders looked on.

I stared at the engine and in a vaguely nengineery way I recognised engine, battery, accelerator cable, not much else, this being a car I haven't really stared at much.

I wiggled some cables, I tugged on the accelerator rope. I checked some connections.
I didn't think it would work but got back in the vanu because I didn't have anything else to try.

The vanu had been standing in its parking space for three weeks. I... noticed the choke.

In a diesel sliding back into the tank nothing to make the engine go moment I tugged on the choke.

Lo the vanu started. The builders didn't clap. To be honest, I didn't dare look.

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Just a Girl said...

Pfft. They were trying to hide how impressed they were because showing that wouldn't be manly...ya, ya that's it!