Friday, July 20, 2007

On Tough Days

Driving an hour to an intense meeting which lasts until lunch and largely consists of meat-based fatty products - sausage rolls et al.

Standing at a water treatment works on top of a reservoir looking across Cambridgeshire at the water tower next to Ely Cathedral under the guise of estimating the height of the water tower (allowing for the curvature of the earth) but really talking bollocks so we (customer included) can all enjoy the sunshine for once instead of sitting in an office.

Driving back to face demands that I print out everyone's timesheet for the last month and complications on how we will allocate the time for the excessive "general" meetings I am dragged into regularly (resulting in me booking more time to the "general wastage of my time" code.

Wishing people would just listen to me in the first place and accept that it makes their life easier and gets us all out of work earlier.

Doing my first 6.5 mile time trial in 20m:45s. TSK was second over-all. I was first lady. I got a cup and everything. There were only 6 participants because we drove there through a massive thunderstorm. The supporting club members were very friendly and we will be going out with them again, starting with a real 10 mile time trial with the club next Thursday.

Going home to shower then straight out to the pub for leaving drinks with a colleague. I could've done without it but I didn't want to miss it.

Getting burger and chips on the way home.

Lie-in the next day courtesy of flexitime - priceless.

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