Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another weekend of wedding

This time was the turn of TSK's family when Cuz Rich married Louisa.

TSK's dad kindly drove us all down to Somerset so that I could have some rest. We got there early so went for a walk along a bay known as "Blue Anchor". There was a view over to the South Wales coast and impressive crags changing from sandstone(?)-red to clay(?)-grey. I had my wedding shoes on so TSK's mum and I walked barefoot across the sand. It was an excellent start to the day.

It was a wedding without many children but guests were encouraged to bring their pets. This gave two eager pups (one of whom was fang on her day-off) the opportunity to embezzle as many canap├ęs as possible before, woofing once or twice through the speeches, guzzling a good volume of water (or vodka, who knows?) and passing out under the table amongst shoes and handbags.

Otherwise, it was a regular kind of wedding. Med showed that when she's not being a pretty, she packs a mean punch. Her first official fight is in September.

There were handsome men.

And running bridesmaids.
And of course, a bride and groom.

Then the weirdest thing anyone ever said to me happened,

"So have you ever been to a wedding like this before then? Cos I haven't"

And as half a glass of champagne landed on my lap and I thought, "why is it always me?" I said, "yes, many".

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