Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Small World

I've found myself in a group at work. It's not a clique. It's not "my team". It's a bunch of people who sit close and get on. We have similar frustrations and share eachothers pain and joys throughout the dundrum of the working day.

Bobby comes and fixes the computers. Recently Bobby has decided I'm in his group. Bobby's a spammer. I nearly asked him to stop the other day because it can be distracting.

Today he sent me these.

They're good. They're not side-splitting. They're impressive, they're not totally relevant - but are they?

They're familiar.

Are they taken on Vancouver Island? The mountains are too close to the water (apologies to Tofino, they could be there).

No. They're taken at Harrison Hot Springs. One of my favourite places in the lower mainland.


Friends - those who fleet in and out of other lives. I shall email him tomorrow and say, "Bin there"

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Just a Girl said...

How funny. He should be suitably surprised that you have been there.

I used to swim in the lagoon bit as a kid but back then it was open to the lake so wasn't all slimy and gross like it is now.